Orienteering race

Orienteering race image1


From the starting point near the swimming pool entrance, there is no defined circuit, simply find the 20 tags (posts with clips) within a set time. Maps are available at the Morzine Tourist Office, the Palais des Sports.
Orienteering is an educational and fun sport, in which we can test our ability to find our way in the open countryside with the help of a very detailed map. No need to be an expert with a compass, this activity is open to all; alone, in a family or with friends. A permanent orienteering route: Dérêches Park Open all year-round for pedestrians, bikers and horse-riders, the Dérêches Park is open to everyone (adults, children, families, sports clubs, schools…). From the starting point at the entrance to the swimming pool, there is no set route, 20 signposts must be found in the quickest possible time. The basic rules… Locate the landmarks (with the aid of the key) and correctly evaluate the distances! The route features 20 signposts located at obvious landmarks. On the map, stamp the box that corresponds to the number of the marker you have found, and then continue on to the next point. First follow the paths and never cross the river (unless you use the bridges!)


Free access.


Parc des Dérêches, 74110, Morzine
All year round.