Show " L'ECOLE DES CHEVRES " (School of goats)

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every day at 3.30pm. One price 9 € - duration 30 minutes (50% discount for holders of a valid Multipass)
Reconstruction of a goat farm. The actors will invite the children to participate in the show which is interactive, fun and educational. Created during the summer of 2022 on the Nyon plateau and then presented at numerous events throughout France, notably at the Paris Agricultural Show, this interactive and educational show allows the audience to discover the goat, a particularly funny and endearing animal, in a playful way. The goats have their own "school" where they learn what they can eat and which foods are dangerous, as well as how to produce milk and turn it into cheese. They also learn how to play. The children are invited to come to a class and try to answer the questions of the "schoolmaster"; the children thus become involved with the goats as the show progresses. They will be more and more intrigued as the goats seem to have strange powers...unless it is the shepherd who is a bit of a magician! This show combines educational information, contact with the goats and magic tricks performed with the complicity and participation of the children. Pedagogy and interactivity: During the show, the actors will invite the young spectators to The young spectators will be able to interact by providing answers on the way of life of the goats... or listen to "Neige", the learned goat to perfect their knowledge. By becoming actors in the show themselves, they learn to respect the animal, to reinvent a fable by participating in the scenario. Perhaps they will be able to meet some of the goats from the show when they take part in the "Agility goat" activity.


74110, Morzine