Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing) and snow

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This is a wonderful slow walk through nature, on snowshoes, taking the time to consider and notice the wonderful and beautiful things often not observed when walking at normal pace.
Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, is a very popular medical practice in Japan. This forest medicine invites us to get closer to nature, to its harmony, in order to reconnect with our innate ability to heal. The art of forest bathing is to connect with trees, plants, to embrace nature through our senses. This activity will allow you to recharge your batteries among the trees. Scientific studies of this therapeutic practice report that a 21/2 hour session decreases high blood pressure, anxiety and depression, boosts the immune system and improves overall mood states. We fully immerse ourselves in the forest awakening our senses and experiencing invitations as we slowly travel to a final sitting point in a clearing among wild orchids. Ending with a small tea of freshly picked Norway spruce buds.


NIGHT WALKS TO RESTAURANT - 250€ for up to 8 people maximum for booking. Prices: does not include the meal 25-35€ pp depending on restaurant and menu choice. MOUTAIN HUT TRIP ON SNOWSHOES - 450€ up to 8 people maximum for booking. Prices: does not include the refuge and food costs 45-55€ pp depending on the refuge.


1964 Route des Grandes Alpes, 74110, Morzine
From 01/12 to 30/04, daily.